About us

About us

PAMM-SERVICES - investment service that gives investors the opportunity to earn without trading on Forex yourself. This has been our team of traders. Traders are trading in the Forex market, using as our capital and resources invested by you (investors). Profit from trading our traders, automatically distributed between between us and the investors in proportion to the paid amount.


We start working with a startup capital of 15000$, as well as with some investments of our investors, in this case 5000$. Total for the work we have 20000$. After the fundraiser, our traders start actively working on specialized trading platforms.


The companys profit for the day amounted to 50%. As a result of trading we came to a mark in 30000$. The profit - 10000$ distributed shares between the investors and us. According to the investment plan, each investor gets 30% taking into account the amount of your Deposit. Profit first investor was - 300$, second 900$ and third 300$. The remaining part of the profit is 1000$ is the capital of our company.